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EPA and NATE Certification
It's the law! Anyone working on stationary air conditioners and refrigeration systems must be certified. Our EPA-approved Certification Program will prepare you for the certification test.

HVAC Trade School Las Vegas

Electrician Training COMING SOON!

For an HVAC trade school students can both trust and afford, choose Quality Technical Training Center. Our school puts people in a vocation that will benefit them for a lifetime, setting them on the path to success. We are an HVAC and Refrigeration training facility that specializes in:

Quality Technical Training Center is a licensed HVAC trade school in Las Vegas that offers short-term training for long-term careers. We have been training HVAC and Refrigeration technicians for over 23 years and we are proud to have provided talented people with fresh opportunities for new careers in the HVAC industry. Unlike other trades that require long apprenticeships, our graduates can be fully qualified within 3 months and become HVAC technicians quickly, which is essential when you need to get back into the work force.

Our HVAC trade school attracts students from all walks of life who want a career in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Students range from age 18 through their 60’s and are attracted to our HVAC training program because there is a steady stream of work available for graduates.

Some of our graduates go on to start their own successful heating and air conditioning businesses. Others find engineering positions at well-known and highly respected hotels, casinos, hospitals, office buildings and major corporations located around Las Vegas. Click here to see a list of the Las Vegas companies that have hired graduates from our HVAC and Refrigeration training programs.

Interested in an HVAC trade school in Las Vegas that teaches green technology? Quality Technical Training Center has you covered. Quality Training Centers, Inc. is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Technician Certification under section 608 of the Clean Air Act and teaches refrigerant management and ozone depletion standards. We offer additional certification for the newest high-efficiency refrigerants. We are also approved for the training of military veterans who are actively seeking post-military HVAC and Refrigeration careers.

Complaints or Appeals; Appeal of any academic or disciplinary action or complaints or questions that haven’t been fully addressed to your satisfaction by others at the school, can always be brought to the School Director for resolution. To receive a copy of our current catalog contact us at (702) 597-0861.

Contact Quality Technical Training Center today for life-changing career opportunities! Contact us online or call (702) 597-0861, and allow us to answer your questions. Stop by and see our training in action? Click on the map for directions to our facility at 3139 Westwood Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. We look forward to enrolling you in the region’s best HVAC and Refrigeration training programs!

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