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Are you searching for an electrician trade school in Las Vegas, Nevada? Good news: Your search is officially over; the Quality Technical Training Center is for you. We offer a comprehensive program that covers the basic principles of AC and DC theory with residential and commercial wiring—and that’s just the beginning!

Our electrician training emphasizes the understanding of electrical systems and covers major system components, testing equipment, and troubleshooting procedures! Interested in learning more about our specific courses and what you’ll take away from them? Keep reading!

Electrician School & Program

Electrical Technology – Our Available Courses

We provide twelve different courses over a 12-week period of time, totaling 144 hours. Our Electrical Technology courses include the following:

  • E101 Electrical Theory and Safety
  • E102 Electrical Tools
  • E103 Drawings & Schematics
  • E104 Wiring Methods
  • E105 Conduit and Junction Boxes
  • E106 Overcurrent Protection & Service Distribution
  • E107 Transformers and Grounding
  • E108 Branch Feeders and Lighting
  • E109 Motors
  • E110 Motor Controls
  • E111 Maintenance Troubleshooting
  • E112 Troubleshooting and Final Labs

Throughout these courses, you’ll learn imperative information, such as how resistance affects an electrical circuit, how to safely work with electrical wirings and circuit breakers, how to read and analyze electrical drawings, how to utilize the National Electrical Code and the Ugly’s Electrical Reference book, and so much more!

All of our classes are three hours a day, Monday through Thursday. Additionally, everything needed for school involving lab work is provided by the school. We guarantee you won’t find an electrician trade school near Las Vegas, Nevada quite like ours. Don’t wait to register.

Get Your Electrical Certification

Are you ready to receive your electrical certification? With our convenient, affordable, and informative courses, you’ll earn it in no time!

Tuition is just $6,800 plus a one-time $200 registration fee, while books are $175, and tools are $325. In total, that’s $7500—and financing is available. Let’s get started!

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Due to Covid 19 the schedule may have changed. Please call to verify.

Morning9am – 12pm12/18/23 to 03/07/24
03/25/24 to 06/13/24
07/01/24 to 09/19/24
*10/07/24 to 01/09/25
01/27/25 to 04/17/25
1pm – 4pm
01/22/24 to 04/11/24
04/29/24 to 07/18/24
08/05/24 to 10/24/24
*11/11/24 to 02/13/25
Evening 6pm – 9pm11/20/23 to 02/22/24
03/11/24 to 05/30/24
06/17/24 to 09/05/24
09/23/24 to 12/12/24
01/06/25 to 03/27/25

*Class has a 2 week winter break

All classes are 3 hours a day, Monday – Thursday

Tuition & Fees:

Tuition is $6,800 plus a $200 registration fee. Everything needed for school involving lab work is provided by the school.

Books: $175 and Tools: $325

Total: $7,500

All books and a professional tool kit is yours to keep.

Financing is available.

Pay tuition in full before class starts, plus Books & Tools… $7,100

Admission Requirements:

Candidates must have a High School diploma or its equivalent (GED) or be beyond the age of compulsory public school attendance or demonstrate the ability to benefit from the training by passing a simple mechanical aptitude test.