Refrigeration Certification

Refrigeration Certification Las Vegas Want to obtain a refrigeration certification? Las Vegas boasts the leading refrigeration and HVAC training school in Nevada:  Quality Technical Training Center. If you are interested in entering a lucrative and rewarding industry, your best option is to enroll in our inexpensive, well-respected, Las Vegas-based HVAC trade school. Individuals and military veterans from all walks of life attend our school and go on to start their own businesses, or find employment as HVAC engineers. Our HVAC training program aims to prepare you for the air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating industry. Once you achieve a refrigeration certification, you will be a confident, knowledgeable, and experienced technician. An important component of becoming an HVAC technician is obtaining the proper certifications.

Want to work on stationary refrigeration and air conditioning units? Unless you want to get fined up to $32,500, you must first get certified to do the work. As part of the Clean Air Act, all engineers must achieve an EPA certification, along with a typical refrigeration certification.  At our HVAC trade school, we make sure you know to how to maintain, diagnose, and repair all refrigeration units. Many HVAC employers in Las Vegas prefer to hire graduates from Quality Technical Training Center.

One of our success stories is about a recent graduate from our HVAC trade school, who went on to work for AutoZone. Now, he travels to 3 different states, servicing and repairing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems in stores. With a refrigeration certification on your resume, plenty of job opportunities like this can come your way. To enroll in our HVAC trade school, call us (702) 597-0861 or contact us online. Quality Technical Training Center is conveniently located at 3139 Westwood Drive in Las Vegas. We look forward to training you in an exciting new career in the HVAC and refrigeration industry!