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The HVAC certification school Las Vegas employers trust most is Quality Technical Training Center. We are an HVAC trade school that offers the best training in the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

HVAC Certification School Las Vegas Many people don’t realize it at first, but a diploma from our HVAC certification school in Las Vegas will open up many employment opportunities heater and AC repair to refrigeration. Our graduates often find work at many HVAC companies, hospitals, casinos, hotels, restaurants, nationwide chains, and state parks located throughout Las Vegas.

In addition, many Las Vegas employers will put their employees through the custom training courses at our HVAC certification school. As an example, let’s look at Switch Data Centers, a privately held company based in Nevada. Switch Data Center is the developer of the SUPERNAPS and provides colocation, connectivity, cloud and content ecosystems. Switch CEO and Founder, Rob Roy, holds 218 patented and patent pending claims. To address data center challenges, including cooling, power, density, environmental impacts, safety and security, Switch sends all their “critical systems technicians” through our HVAC and Refrigeration programs. This makes their business stronger and helps them better manage their client needs, too.

If you are an employer that could benefit from your employees receiving training at our HVAC trade school, contact us today to discuss the appropriate custom training and HVAC certification school programs. We are the premier HVAC trade school in the region, and we want to help your business grow and excel. To speak with our representatives, contact us online or call (702) 597-0861 to discuss your needs. Our HVAC certification school is located at 3139 Westwood Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.