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The trade school Las Vegas HVAC professionals respect most is Quality Technical Training Center. We specialize in HVAC training and refrigeration diploma programs. For over 20 years, we are proud to be the leading HVAC trade school that offers short-term HVAC training for long-term careers.

Our trade school in Las Vegas is affordable, specializes in all aspects of HVAC training, and prepares graduates for lucrative careers in the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration service industry. We attract adults who are going through a transition in their careers and want a fresh start in a field that has a steady stream of job opportunities.

Trade School Las Vegas

We have many success stories in our Las Vegas HVAC trade school. One of our favorite trade school success stories is about a gentleman who enrolled in our classes, but was also homeless when he came to us. When the Las Vegas CityCenter opened 2 years ago, this graduate of our HVAC & Refrigeration courses went to the job fair. One of the hotels at the CityCenter hired him to check the refrigeration units in the restaurants and hotel. Today, he’s an engineer with that same hotel and his certification from Quality Technical Training Center got him there.

If you are ready to see what opportunities our trade school in Las Vegas can create for you, contact Quality Technical Training Center today! Provide us with your contact information online or call (702) 597-0861 so we may answer your enrollment questions. If you haven’t seen our trade school yet, click on the map for directions to our facility. Our address is 3139 Westwood Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. We look forward to enrolling you in the region’s best HVAC and refrigeration training program!