EPA Certification

EPA Certification – It’s the law!     606px-Environmental_Protection_Agency_logo_svg

You must be certified under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act to work on stationary air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Failure to comply can cost you and your company as much as $44,539 per day, per violation.

Our EPA-approved Certification Program is intended to prepare technicians for the certification test and covers all the information a technician will require to successfully complete the test for Certification. Our EPA Certification Program is given on Saturdays only. The cost is $150.00, which includes the EPA study booklet, review class, and test.  The cost for those who wish to take EPA test only $60.00.

EPA Test Schedule:















Call (702) 597-0861 for EPA Certification questions


In compliance with revised 608 regulations, EPA approved technician certifying programs are required to collect and publish online (starting January 1, 2018) a list of all technicians they have certified, including full name, city of residence, date of test and the type(s) of certification received.

Notice: Students have the option to opt out of this program at the time of testing. This does not include any names prior to Jan 1, 2017. Please contact our office directly to receive a copy of your EPA Certificate or Card.

Things to consider when searching our data base:

Did the person take the Exam before Jan 1 2017?
If you took the EPA exam prior to Jan 1, 2017 contact our office for your information.

The individual may have decided to have his name not included in our data base search engine.
As required by the EPA… The student may have decided to NOT have his information published online, by completing an Opt-Out Form. A copy of this form is available.

Nothing comes up with my search or if you have any other questions?
Contact our office at 702-597-0861

EPA Certified Technicians thru Quality Technical Training:

Abdoli, AbasHenderson02/11/17UNIVERSAL
Abebe, Shewangizaw KLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Acosta-Ders, Gudelio J. Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Agraz, CiroNorth Las Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Akuna, Peter L.Henderson06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Aldana, RolandoLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Alexander, Lamaar ALas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Alhwayek, Youssef FLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Altman, DavidLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Alvarez, Alberto JLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Anaya, Nathan HNorth Las Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Andrade, AdrianLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Anthony, BobbyLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Arciga, JosueLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Armendariz, PedroLas Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Arregnelle, Victor Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Arregoitia, CandidoLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Artale, Omar F.Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Augustus, Shane K. Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Ayala, Herbert A.Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Bakalov, George DLas Vegas06/3/17TYPE I & II
Basilio, VictorianoLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Bauer, John E.Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Beaulieu, TyroneLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Beemon, Wilson JrLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Bejar-Sanchez, Marco A.Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Benavides, AlvisLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Bernard, Jason R.North LasVegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Betts, TravisNorth LasVegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Bethea, Christopher KLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Boyd, StephenLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Brown, SemuelLas Vegas07/01/17TYPE I
Brown, Semuel EHenderson07/01/17TYPE I
Brunken, Peyton WLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Buemio, Norly S. Las Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Bumpus III, JamesLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Burgo, AdamLas Vegas04/07018UNIVERSAL
Burney, David AHenderson07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Caballeros, MarioHenderson08/11018UNIVERSAL
Cabrera-Gonzalez, AbelLas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Camellon-Esquivel, AlfredoLas Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Calceron, Antonio HLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Calilung, CalsonLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Callaway, DaveNorth Las Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Campania, ChelsonLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Cano, Ismael Las Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Cardenas, Stefan JLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Carillo, GenaroLas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Carletto, Daniel SLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Carranza-Trejo, Jaime G. Las Vegas5/6/17UNIVERSAL
Castell, MagdielLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Castillo, Marco ALas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Castro, DanielMesquite01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Castro, Von JestoniLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Cebrian, ConradoLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Cerriteno, Joselin T.Las Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Cervera, Pavel AHenderson09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Chaires, Charles W.Henderson01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Chase, DaultonHenderson2/11/17UNIVERSAL
Chavez, Mauricio RLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Chester, Scott DLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Chen, Hai JianLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Chicas, MicelinN. Las Vegas12/08/18TYPE I,II
Christian, David ALas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Clavero, Jose ALas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Clayton, Jesse IV Henderson05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Colin, FranciscoLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Colin-Calzada, EmmanuelLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Collins-Thomas R.Henderson07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Collins, TylerHenderson08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Comminey, EdwardsLas Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Combs, Terrence LLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Contreras, Carlos A. Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Corodoba, Ricardo LNorth Las Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Correa, RafaelLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Cortes, Victor A.North Las Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Counce, Roy LLas Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Covarrubias, JoelNorth Las Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Covarrubias, MoisesLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Crocker, JordanLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Cruz, Luis FLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Cruz, StevenLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Cuadra, Carlos ALas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Cuesta, Leonel RLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Cuevas, CesarLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Cyphert, ShannonLas Vegas02/19/19UNIVERSAL
Daniel, DonaldLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Darshan, Ram K. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
DeLeon, Juan MLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Del Val, Juan JLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Denham, EricLas Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
DeReis, RileyLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Derimais, Daniel E. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Diaz, YasserLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Diaz-Vazquez, Armando JLas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Dominguez, Fabian JLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Duany, Pupo Las Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Edwards, ToddLas Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Engle, MichaelLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Erwin Jr, DonaldLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Escalona-Sosa, Lorenzo Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Escobar, Fredy A. Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Escobar-Guillen, Francisco JLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Escobar, RaulNorth Las Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Eslava, Miguel ALas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Espinosa, KevinLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Estocado, Bryce ILas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Estrada, Anthony DHenderson05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Favela, FernandoLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Ferrer, Jose ALas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Fishaye, TsegabLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Finke, David G. Las Vegas02/11/17UNIVERSAL
Flores, AndresLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Flores, BernardoLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Flores, Jose A. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Flores, OscarLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Foster, JustinLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Fox, KeyóLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Franco, DannyLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Friend, Steven R. Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Gacharna, BenjaminLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Galdones, Christopher MLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Galvez, Jose LLas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Gamboa, JorgeLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Gao, PengxiangLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Garcia, Damaso TLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Garcia, Eugenio DHenderson06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Garcia-Munoz, MarioNorth Las Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Garcia, Salvador Henderson03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Gardiel, Erik ALas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Gaspar, IsmaelLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Gibson, Joseph CLas Vegas05/6/17TYPE I
Gibson, Marvin DLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Ginter, DylanLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Gomez, JamieLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Gomez, MoisesLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Gonzales, AlecLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Gonzales, CarlosLas Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Gonzalez, CristinaLas Vegas1/14/17UNIVERSAL
Gonzalez, EmigdioLas Vegas1/14/17UNIVERSAL
Gonzalez, NoelLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Gonzalez, SantosLas Vegas1/14/17UNIVERSAL
Gonzalez, Victor HLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Goodwin, AlexanderLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Grady, Brandon TLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Granados-Calote, Fernando Las Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Gravert, BrianLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Gravert, MichaelLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Guevara, Fernando HLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Guillen, Jaime JLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Gutierrez, AlejandroLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Gutierrez, Carlos ALas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Gutierrez, Francisco JLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Gutierrez, Nelson FLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Gutierrez, ReyesLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Guyaux, JaredNorth Las Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Guzman, Gilberto R. Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Ha, Thang QLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Hecker, JonathonLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Hardwick, JonathanLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Harraway, DustinLas Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Harris, William JLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Hassen, Muhesien R.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Hermandez, RubenLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, Carlos ALas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, DagmarLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, David ANorth Las Vegas02/11/17UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, Jonathan ALas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, Jose ALas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, JuanLas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, Juan G Las Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Hernandez, Salvador MLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Hertig Kenton RLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Hidalgo, Juan CN. Las Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Hoghoghifard, KeyhanLas Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Huang, SitanLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Huang, XiaoyueLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Holt, Aaron DLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Hudson, JohnLas Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Huerbana, FranzLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Hundley, JoelLas Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
House, Robert TLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Hubbard, Joseph PLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Hughey, Gregory CNorth Las Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Ingram, RonaldLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Jensen, Ryan JLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Jimenez, ShedarHenderson09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Jo, Yong SooLas Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Jones, Christopher MLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Jones, Genesis BLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Justo, Jose Las Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Kirov, Peter GLas Vegas02/11/17UNIVERSAL
Kornegay, FreddieLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Kondo, KevinLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Kwiatkowski, KyleLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Lacour, LaurenLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Lafora Damion ALas Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Lambach, JosephHenderson01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Lanuza, Sergio ALas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Lara, AndresLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Lara-Baute, Fabio ELas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Leano, Fausto R.Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Lee, Desmond C. Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Legon, Rodolfo Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Leis, CarlosLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Leon, Armando Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Leon-Alvarez, Yoandri Las Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Leoning, Emilio VLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Lepoev, Ivailo ILas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Lerma, Polo INorth Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Lewis, ChristopherLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Leyva-Siscar, AlfredoLas Vegas07/01/17TYPE I & III
Liebe, TerryHenderson07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Leyva-Siscar, Alfredo Las Vegas07/09/17UNIVERSAL
Lockhart, Tosha RLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Logue, JeffLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Lopez-Garcia, Jaime A. Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Lopez, JorgeNorth Las Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Lopez-Luna, Jorge A. Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Lozano, SantiagoLas Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Lopez, SergioLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Lugo, Juan FLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Madrid, GabrielLas Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Macias-Munoz, ManuelLas Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Madrigal-Ibarra, HumbertoNorth LasVegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Magana, HectorLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Marte III, Salvatore Las Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Martin, Derek DNorth Las Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Martin, Zakkary MLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Martinez-Machin, Ivan Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Martinez, RubenLas Vegas02/11/19UNIVERSAL
McKinnie, PatrickLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
McMahon, KeatonLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Mejia, Miguel ALas Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Melhad, Ray SNorth Las Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Mendes, JulianLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Menez, AaronLas Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Merve, Marechal JLas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Meza-Hernandez, Alan A.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Miller, ST. Charles E. JR.Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Mills, WilliamLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Mir-Castillo- CristianLas Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Moniz, PeterE. Providence12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Montoya, IsaiasLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Montoya, Johnny Las Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Morales, Luis E.Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Moreno-Ruiz, Manuel A.North Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Moore, ToddLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Morris, LawrenceTolleson, AZ02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Mosley, De'yonteLas Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Murias-Herrera, Juan M.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Myers, Cedric DLas Vegas6/3/17TYPE II & III
Naumes, MattLas Vegas4/25/15UNIVERSAL
Ngo, ThomasLas Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Noguiera, LeonardoLas Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Nila, Erick JLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Nino, Nicholas ALas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Nitchman, JoelLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Nunn, TonyLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Muiruri, CandaceLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
O'Conner, Michael BNorth Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Ojeda, Richard JR.Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Olvera, EricLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Orozco-Jimenez, Jose LLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Orozco Jr, SalvadorNorth Las Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Ortega, Mario ALas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Ortiz, Sergio ENorth Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Panyasiri, Sittichai Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Pedroza, SamuelLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Pena, Jesus ANorth Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Pena, Jorge Las Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Pentek, EricLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Preciado, Diana MLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Pereda, Jesus A. Paramount, CA07/29/17TYPE I & II
Pereira, Noah FLas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Perez, Braytner A. Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Perez, BrianLas Vegas07/07/18UNIVERSAL
Perez, Jose L. Henderson07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Perez, RamonLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Pettaway-Russell, VictoriaLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Phillips, Dale ALas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Phillips, JoshuaHenderson10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Pimienta, Fidel Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Pimienta, RobertoLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Pina, Martin A. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Pina, Martin E. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Pinero Placio, AndrosMcKinney, TX08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Pinero-Sabina, Juan MLas Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Poff Jr, Charles MHenderson11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Ponce, CarlosCarson City03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Ponce, JaimeCarson City03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Post, John CLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Prak, TylarLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Pratt, Michael J. Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Prekop, RichardLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Pourrahim, SiamakLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Quezada, MartinLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Quid, AnthonyHenderson12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Quirimit, Rex NLas Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Radillo, JamesNorth Las Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Ramirez, ElioLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Ramos, Juan S. Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Rance, Raymond C. Las Vegas03/11/17UNIVERSAL
Randolph, Jakarri ALas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Raya, MarioLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Redding, Payton SLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Reed, Donald PNorth LasVegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Reffner, Jeremy A.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Resar, Matthew M.Pahrumo06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Reyes, VictorLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Riordan, Thomas RLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Ritchie, Leslie BLas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Rivera-Guillot, OscarLas Vegas07/01/17TYPE I & II
Rivera-Guillot, Oscar Las Vegas07/29/17TYPE I & II
Robles-Ferrales, RobertoLas Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Rocha, MelitonLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Rodriquez, AlbertoLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Rodriguez, George Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Rodriquez, Jamie Las Vegas08/11/18UNIVERSAL
Rodriguez, Mariana BLas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Rodriguez, RodrigoLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Rojas, JoelLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Rosales, RaulNorth Las Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Rowe, Anthony J.Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Rubio Ramirez, OsmarLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Ruttenburg, DavidN. Las Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Sailsberry, Spencer KNorth Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Salazar, Juan DavidLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Salguero, Roni YLas Vegas11/18/17UNIVERSAL
Samadi, EzmarayLas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
Sanabria-Lopez, Hugo A. Las Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Sanders, Darrell H. Las Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Santiago, Juan G.North Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAl
Santillano, JesseLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Sauceda, Manuel RLas Vegas01/12/19UNIVERSAL
Scaggs Jr. ChristianLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Schultz, Steve MHenderson09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Segredo, Adrian Henderson09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Sepulveda, Sebastian ALas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Serna-Morales, JesusLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Servillon, Michael JNorth Las Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Silva, Pablo CLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Simon, AlainLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Singh, Ricky S.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Smith, Gilbert A.Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Solis, Edward A.Las Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Somarriba, Paul SLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Sonetti, RyanHenderson04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Soriano, Kevin LLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Sosa, Gabriel ELas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Sotelo, JoseLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Sotuyo, JavierLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Sousa, JosephLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Stambaugh, KevinLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Stanton Jr, Larry HBoulder City10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Stapleton, Matthew L. Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Stathopoulos, HristosLas Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Steven, RobertoLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Stewart, RemiLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Stromme, Scott ALas Vegas02/10/18UNIVERSAL
Suh, In SeokLas Vegas03/11/17TYPE II & III
Summerfield, JustinBoulder City06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Swake, JeffLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Taoipu, NelsonLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Taylan, Ryan D.Las Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Taylor, ScottLas Vegas08/11018UNIVERSAL
Tejeda-Arellano, Oscar J.Las Vegas07/01/17UNIVERSAL
Thrasher, TaddHenderson10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Thomas Jr, Kevin LLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Thompson Jr, MarvinLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Tim, VesnaLas Vegas05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Torres, Jose MariaLas Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Tripp, TysonHenderson03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Tungpalan, BlaneLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Turner, Travis ELas Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Uejo-Oishi, ShadenLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Urrea, Juan JLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Ursua, Bryce ILas Vegas01/13/18UNIVERSAL
Valdez, Rudolph RLas Vegas02/11/17UNIVERSAL
Valdovinos, Juan L. Las Vegas01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Valentin, AcadioLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Valladares, ErnestoLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Valle, Cesar OHenderson05/6/17UNIVERSAL
Valle, Cesar OLas Vegas06/3/17UNIVERSAL
VanName, ChuckLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
Vasco-Padilla, Lubian Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAl
Varelas, GeraldLas Vegas06/09/18UNIVERSAL
Vasquez, AnivarLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Velazquez-Duranona, EmilLas Vegas07/29/17UNIVERSAL
Vele, ApineruLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Viamontes-Sabina, Cesar Las Vegas08/26/17UNIVERSAL
Vidal, Richard A. Mesquite01/14/17UNIVERSAL
Villalobos-Lopez, Noel Las Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Villanueva, Rigoberto SLas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Villarreal, RubenLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Villegas, ChristianLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Violet, Roger H.Las Vegas12/16/17UNIVERSAL
Vivas, RonaldoLas Vegas04/07/18UNIVERSAL
Vivas, RubenLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL
Wang, Frank ShiLas Vegas12/08/18UNIVERSAL
Ware, MarquisLas Vegas03/10/18UNIVERSAL
Werrbach, DesmondLas Vegas10/27/18UNIVERSAL
White, DustinLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
White, Paul ELas Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
White, Ryan JNorth Las Vegas04/8/17UNIVERSAL
Wilding, Cameron ALas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Williams, MichaelLas Vegas05/05/18UNIVERSAL
Williams II, JohnnieLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Wu, Dimon SLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Wu, EdmundLas Vegas02/09/19UNIVERSAL
Xayadeth, Phillip SLas Vegas10/21/17UNIVERSAL
Yonis, Restem A.Las Vegas5/6/17UNIVERSAL
Yosbanis, RodriguezLas Vegas09/23/17UNIVERSAL
Young, Tyven WLas Vegas12/17/17UNIVERSAL
Zuluaga, BrandonLas Vegas03/09/19UNIVERSAL